Week of August 21, 2017


Students applied the Metacognitive Reading Strategies on the story, Eleven, by commenting on the side.  There will be a quiz on this on the week of September 4. Students will read a story and comment using the MCRS. See below on how to do this.

How to comment on the MCRS.

MCRS Identify Apply Explain

Book club choices were also introduced.  Formative writing on their birthday small moment was assigned for homework.  Next week, voice will be introduced and students will revise their small moments writing about their birthday.  This is in preparation for writing their memoir for their performance task.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 continued learning about how to complete the Read and Respond template by writing side note comment on an opinion or connection.  Levels of Questioning was also introduced. Next week, a full Read and Respond will be done in class in preparation for the test on the week of September 4.  Students will be given an article and they will apply the interactive reading strategies and write comments on an opinion and connection, as well as ask a question based on all the levels of questioning. Then, they will write a summary of the article.

Below is an example of how to write the comments:

R and R comments


Students finished their modified thirsty candle experiments and wrote their lab reports.  Writing the CER (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning) took longer than expected so the information processing lesson will be moved to next week.


Gr. 8 learned about irrational numbers, ordering irrational numbers, and how to approximate square roots.

Approximating square roots

Next week, the lesson will be on converting repeating decimals to a fraction.  There will be a quiz on the week of September 4.

Repeating Decimals to Fraction


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