Week of August 28, 2017


Gr. 8 learned about Voice and how it improves their writing.  The expectation is for them to write one small moment about their birthday in preparation for writing a memoir.  They are reminded that their writing should not be a simple re-telling. Students also chose their book club for this quarter and they are expected to read 20 pages a day. The MCRS quiz has been moved to the following week.

Next week, they will read “The Glass Castle“, which is their mentor text for writing a memoir. They will also learn about the narrative techniques –DADI (Dialogue, Action, Description, Introspection), which should be reflected in their memoirs. A quiz on the Metacognitive Reading Strategies will also be given.

Social Studies

Students spent a lot of time working on the Read and Respond template by using the MCRS, writing comments, and asking questions representing each level of questioning.  Next week will be the quiz, which is exactly like the Read and Respond.  See last week’s post on how to make a comment. It is very important for the students to ask the right kind of questions. Please refer to the flowchart below on how to determine the levels of questions. On the quiz, they will be given an article and they are to ask all the kinds of questions. After the quiz, students will be introduced to the Structured Academic Controversy, which is how they will debate on controversial issues by presenting both sides.


Students presented their modified Thirsty Candle experiment to their peers and learned more about the nature of science. They have been reminded once again not to use personal pronouns in their report and to use more scientific terms in their reasoning.   Next week, they will go into the information processing model to answer the question, how do organisms know what they know? It is important for the students to review how to use Google sheets to make charts and graphs.


Students learned how to convert repeating decimals into fractions.  Next week, they will have a quiz and here is a practice test by Ms. Kath Deveza and here are the answers.  The actual test is very similar to the practice test.

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