Week of September 4, 2017


Memoir and DADI have been discussed and students have revised their birthday moments after peer review. Book club choices were revealed.  Students were given their books and they are expected to read 20 pages a day or enough to finish the assigned chunk per week. They are also required to write the 10 (8 plus all the connections) Metacognitive Reading Strategies that they use while reading their book club book chuck in their reading notebook.

Next week will be the MCRS quiz, where they will read a story and write a comment on ALL the 8 strategies.  They need to have the following labels: Identify, Apply, and Explain.  Examples of comments are in the Google Classrooms on the story, The Glass Castle. Students will also re-write their small moments focusing on DADI.

How to comment on the MCRS.

Social Studies

Read and Respond Rubric has been shared.  Students also finished their first quiz. Gr. 8 should know that CEFL questions (which starts next week) will be selected from these three sites: CNN10, Aljazeera in pictures, and Our Little Earth.

Next week will be about World War I to give the students a background on how the United Nations was formed. They will summarize the MAIN  reasons for the war and take Cornell notes. World War I will not be assessed.


Gr. 8 talked about how science works based on their two labs: thirsty candle and modified thirsty candle.

They were also shown how to make a model to explain their investigation like they would do on a test that measures Transfer of Learning.  To explain the collapsing can (see photo below), for example, the model below the photo would get a grade of 7:

Next week, they will continue learning about how organisms know what they know.  The slides are in Google Classroom for this new unit on Information Processing.


Gr. 8 had their first quiz on rational and irrational numbers.  Exponents was introduced and will be continued to next week.  See below for some help on this topic.  Quiz on this will be after the MAP test.

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