Week of September 11, 2017


Book club due dates for the chunk has been given and students wrote the dates in their planner. Baseline writing assessment was also given back. Next week will be MAP testing, Book Club 2 and introduction to the Memoir performance task, which will be due on the week of October 9: Oct. 12 for Blocks B and C and Oct. 13 for Blocks DGH. Here is a scaffold for the performance task and below is the rubric:

Social Studies

For CEFL watch CNN 10 Mon-Thurs; Al Jazeera on Fridays every other week; and Our Little Earth every Friday. Causes of WWI were discussed. Next week is MAP testing and discussion of the United Nations packet.  Here is the differentiated UN packet.

The first Read and Respond will be due on September 25.  An article from Newsela will be given and the students can choose their Lexile level.


A phenomenon about some animals was introduced and the students looked for their own phenomenon to find out if the behavior of the organism was innate or learned.  Students worked on different stations to answer the question: How do organisms detect, process, and respond to information from the environment?  Here’s a quizlet for the vocabulary words in this unit. Next week, they will complete the station activities, create an information processing model and work on the Nervous System.


Rules of Exponents was discussed. Next week will be about negative exponents and a review of all the exponent properties.  Quiz on the exponents will be after the MAP testing.

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