Week of September 18, 2017


Memoir performance task was discussed and the scaffold was shared.  See last week’s post for the rubric. Memoirs are due on Oct. 12 for Blocks B and C and Oct. 13 for Blocks DGH. Next week, students will have mini lessons on overusing descriptions, using the senses to write, and punctuating dialogue.  Part 2 of the scaffold is due on the first session of the following week before CWW.  Students should also be ready with Book Club Meeting 3 with their notes on MCRS in their reading notebook (see photo below):

Social Studies

United Nations packet was introduced with a quizlet for the vocabulary words. Next week students will continue reading and annotating the UN packet up to page 12.  They annotate by doing the following:

  • changing the font of unknown words into red and writing the definition on the comment box
  • highlighting important details
  • writing a connection
  • asking the following questions: wonder, knowledge, comprehension, closed, and open evaluation

Quiz on this packet will be on October 12/13.

Read and Respond #1 is due next Friday by 8 pm and the summary will be submitted to turnitin. The article for the Read and Respond has been posted on Google Classroom.


Gr. 8 worked on the different stations to answer the question: How do organisms detect, process, and respond to information from the environment?

Students then summarized what they have learned:

Science notebook will be checked and graded using the rubric below for organization in learning habits:

Next week will be about the dive reflex experiment and the nervous system.


Gr. 8 reviewed the rules of exponents.  Next week will be MAP testing and practice for the test. Here is a practice quiz from Ms. Deveza. Quiz will be on Oct. 3 for Block A; Oct. 10 for Block H.

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