Week of September 25, 2017


Students continued having mini-lessons on narrative writing techniques for their memoirs which are due the week of October 9. Next week, they will learn about introspection techniques and scene three will be due before they go for CWW.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 continued reading and annotating the UN packet.  Videos were also shown about the League of Nations and Treaty of Versailles. Quiz on the UN packet will be on the week of October 9.  The quiz will have three parts: multiple choice questions about facts; comprehension short answer questions; and the students’ best closed and open evaluation questions from the UN packet.

Next week, students will read pages 13-17. Students who need support in understanding the packet can watch WWI, League of Nations, WWII, and United Nations on BrainPop. Username and password have been shared with the students. They can email me if they need help.


Students investigated the Dive Reflex. Students collected data and organized and presented data using Google Sheets. It is expected that Gr. 8 will know how to use Google Sheets to present data and graphs.

This investigation concluded their exploration of the question “How do organisms detect, process and respond to information?” Next week will be wrap up of dive reflex detecting information and introduction to memory modeling. Performance task will be about creating a model – an analogy for systems.


Gr. 8 had their MAP testing and a practice quiz.  Next week will be the quiz on exponents. After that, students will work on scientific notation.

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