Week of October 2, 2017


Students continued writing their memoirs and learned about Introspection. Memoirs are due next week. Below is an example of introspection, which should be italicized:

Next week will be peer editing and Book Club 4. Then the final memoir will be turned in. Below is the rubric once again:

Social Studies

Students finished annotating the UN packet. Test on this next week. They are expected to have completed annotating the packet to qualify for re-assessment.


The students wrapped up the discussion on the Dive Reflex investigation. They were also expected to have completed their graph (using Google Sheets) on the combined data for different classes. Then, they explored the question, “How do organisms process information detected from the environment? A sample CER about Dive Reflex was shared:  In the future, students will write their own CER for every lab investigation.

“The dive reflex is a phenomenon in which your body manages to lower the amount of oxygen while the face is exposed to cold water, slowing down one’s heart rate. This allows the body to effectively use energy while it is not getting a constant production of oxygen. The cold water is detected through thermoreceptors in the skin which detect change in temperature, touch, and pressure. This phenomenon was replicated in a classroom situation, and a grade level average was collected, proving this dive reflex to be true on its overall effect on heart rate. Looking at evidence, the average resting heart rate for 8th grade was around 79 beats per minute. During the dive reflex when the face was exposed to ice water, the average heartbeat slowed to around 66 beats per minute. This means there was a decrease of an average of 13 beats per minute after the dive reflex was activated.”

Students were given an introduction to systems using toys.  Next week students will learn about the nervous system using the “systems framework”. Assessment will be an analogy of a system.


Gr. 8 took the quiz on exponents and some blocks have started the unit on scientific notation. Next week will be a continuation of scientific notation. The next unit test will be on rational and irrational numbers plus exponents and scientific notation.

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