Week of October 9, 2017


Students learned about Action in DADI and worked on peer editing of their memoirs. They submitted their final drafts. Next week, they will have a Socratic Seminar, which is a formal discussion, based on a text, in which the leader asks open-ended questions. The topic will be about truth in memoirs. Students will be observed using the sheet below:

Social Studies

Gr. 8 took the UN test. Next week will be an introduction to the Model United Nations. They will debate on a topic and follow the protocols of the United Nations. The UN Delegate packets will be shared in Google Classroom. An important part of the MUN is creating good operative clauses.


Gr. 8 worked on analyzing why a school is a system. On their own, they watched a video on the nervous system and took down notes on how it is a system. Next week session 2 is the assessment. It is important that they are able to answer how organisms detect, process, and respond to information from the environment and why a system is a system. ¬†They will no longer have the systems analogy. Students will be allowed to use their notes on “What is a System” during the test. Below are the rubric and the revision guide:

During their last session, students also dissected a sheep’s brain.


Scientific Notation was the topic this week.  The unit test will be on October 26 and it will be about all the previous lessons: rational and irrational numbers, exponents, and scientific notation. Here is a practice unit test from Ms. Deveza. Next week will be the practice test and introduction to the performance task.

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