Week of October 16, 2017


Gr. 8 had the Socratic Seminar on the memoir article, their own memoir, and the book club book.  

Next week will be the start of Quarter 2.  Students will review literary terms; read “Charles” by Shirley Jackson; and talk about topic, theme, and thesis. How authors reveal themes through literary devices will be answered this quarter.  Students will write an essay for their performance task using the EmPOWER strategy about the theme of a short story and how the author revealed it through literary devices. An example of a thesis statement for the essay is “In ‘The Lottery,’  Shirley Jackson reveals that tradition can be dangerous when it is not questioned through her use of symbolism.” Students should be able to cite evidence of the device from the story.

Social Studies

Students had the cafeteria crisis debate as preparation for the MUN. Next week, they will continue their practice. Students are reminded to observe the parliamentary procedures. Below are more suggestions:

    • Speak in a loud and clear voice.
    • Look at your fellow delegates.  Do not talk to the paper.
    • Use your hands to gesture when speaking.
    • Have a strong and convincing presence.  Stand up straight.
    • Do not insult your audience or speak down to them.
    • Try to include everyone in your speech.
    • Add emotion and feeling to your speech.  Monotonous voices convince nobody!
    • Be sure to take a pause after stating major points.  Let it sink in.
    • Use variety in the tone and pace of your speech.

MUN preparations will begin after the break.  Students will debate about Nuclear Disarmament or LGBT and they will know about the topic and their assigned country (usually their own) after the break. The date for the actual MUN debate has not been determined yet as students will spend a lot of time researching on their topics and preparing their policy statements and operative clauses.


Gr. 8 wrapped up the unit on information processing and took the unit test. Next week will be the start of the next quarter which is about Physical and Chemical Changes.


Students reviewed for the end of unit test. Here are the answers to the practice test last week from Ms. Deveza. Next week is the test and introduction to the performance task. Below are examples of infographics for the performance task:Students can prepare for this by thinking about their special interests.  Once they have their topic, they can research and think of their design using these programs (infogram,  canva or any other design apps).  They have to show the following skills and present their calculations on a separate sheet:

Change fractions to decimals

Change recurring decimals to fractions

Estimate irrational numbers

Use scientific notation appropriately, and perform multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction with a final answer in scientific notation.

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