Week of October 23, 2017


Using the story, “The Gift of the Magi”, Gr. 8 reviewed the literary devices. After the break, students will work on topic, theme, and thesis. Below is an example:

Book club choices will also be presented when the students come back from the break. There will be two assessments this quarter: an essay on how the theme was revealed using literary devices on a short story and a book club presentation.

Social Studies

Cafeteria crisis was continued.  After the break, they will go through the test results and talk about re-assessment. Students will vote on the topic that they will debate as a class for the MUN: Nuclear Disarmament or LGBT. They will then talk about credible sources, CRAAP guideline, and Wikipedia because MUN entails a lot of research.


This week was an introduction to Physical and Chemical changes. Gr. 8 worked on the first five stations below:

After the break, they will continue the investigations. The slides in this unit have been posted last week and it is also in the Google Classroom.  Assessment will be composed of three mini-assessments instead of one end-of-unit like last quarter.  Students will also be graded on their collaboration (how they work during the lab investigations) and communication (how they present their data in their notebook) during the lab work.


Students reviewed for the test and took the test this week.  After the break, they will work on their infographics performance task and they are expected to finish by the third session.  See last week’s post about this performance task.  After this task, they will go into Geometry.

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