Week of Nov. 6, 2017


EmPOWER was reviewed

and the assessment was shared which will all be done in the classroom: Essays will be on the week of Dec. 4-7, while the presentation will be on the week of Dec. 11-15.

Students picked their choice for the Book Club. Students are expected to complete the Book Club Trackers in Google Classroom before the club meetings. Next week, book club presentation assessment will be introduced, and students will read and analyze “Just Lather, That’s All”.

Social Studies

Exemplary answers to the UN test were shared, and students read quick facts about Nuclear Disarmament and LGBT before voting for the MUN topic.  Block C chose LGBT, while Blocks F and G chose Nuclear Disarmament.  EasyBib add-on was shown for citation of work using MLA 8 format. EBSCO was likewise introduced as their source for their research to ensure the credibility of their sources instead of using Google. Next week, students will be working independently on both their research and their MUN thematic maps. The actual MUN conference will be at the end of the month. Students will be given two weeks of research time.


Gr. 8 continued their exploration of physical changes. Any work not completed in class became homework. Students investigated the physical properties, fusion, and solidification. Next week will be a summary of the physical changes and review for the test, which will be on the following week.  Then students are in for a treat as they make ice cream.


Corrected test papers were given back, and test reflections were uploaded to ePortfolio.  Infographics performance task was discussed. They will work on this task for 4 class periods.  It’s due on Nov. 14 for Block A and Nov. 16 for Block H.

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