Week of Nov. 13, 2017


Students continued learning how authors use literary devices to reveal the theme in preparation for the essay during the week of Dec. 4-7.  Next week, Sniper will be read in class. Gr. 8 are also expected to continue reading their book club choices as book club presentation about how authors reveal the theme through literary devices will be on the week of Dec. 11-14. Sample parts of the paragraph for the essay are posted in Google Classrooms to help them in the two performance tasks: essay and presentation.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 went into research for their assigned country’s stand on LGBT or Nuclear Disarmament.  Students worked on their MUN note cards to prepare for making their policy statement. Next week, they will continue working on the 9 note cards which will be due on Monday/Tuesday. Then, they will work on a thematic map, in which they will color code the countries on the world map depending on their stand on the LGBT/Nuclear Disarmament issue.  Finally, they will write their Policy Statements and Operative Clauses.  Policy Statements are due to Turnitin on Nov. 26, Sunday by 8 pm.  Students will start delivering their policy statements in class on Nov. 27.  They have to print their own copy as they will not be allowed to use their devices.


Students continued working on the lab stations and had their summary and group presentations.  They also had fun making ice cream using liquid nitrogen, which allowed them to extend their understanding of the process of solidification (freezing). Notebooks were collected and assessed for communication of learning, but most were found to be less than the expectation, so students were given until next week, on the day of the quiz, to fix their notes on the stations. Next week will be review and quiz.

The slide below is very important for the quiz. Students should be able to explain what is happening at each phase. The rest of the slides is posted in Google Classroom.


Infographics were submitted and students had gallery walks to see other works.  Next week will be Transformation starting with Translation.

These are the different kinds of transformations that will be taken up in this unit:

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