Week of Nov. 20, 2017


The Book Club Literary Terms Presentation has been discussed, and the rubric is included in the document. Blocks B, C, D will present on  December 11 and Blocks G, H on December 12. Gr. 8 continued practicing how to write an essay in preparation for their performance task. Next week, expectations for the essay performance task will be discussed and students will be given the opportunity to meet with their book club groups to work on their presentations.

Social Studies

Students finished their MUN note cards and have started writing their policy statements. They have also started to complete their thematic maps, which are due on Monday. MUN begins on Monday. They will only be given one minute to deliver their Policy Statements and they need to have it PRINTED as they will not be allowed to use their laptops during the entire MUN. The rubric for the Policy Statement has been changed. After the delivery of policy statements, students will be given only a few minutes to write their operative clauses, so it is better if they come to class ready with their clauses. Examples have been posted in Google Classroom.


Gr. 8 reviewed for the physical change test and took the test this week.  They then went into Chemical Changes starting with the “pop” test. Next week will be about chemical changes.  Assessment is lab work.



Gr. 8 went into the Transformation Unit starting with Translations. There will be a quiz on all the transformations before the break. Next week will be on reflections and rotations.

Rotation video

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