Week of Nov. 27, 2017


Gr. 8 practiced writing the full essay and they were given time to work on their presentations. Next week is the essay.  The students will read a story, make brain frames to plan their essay, and write a 4-5 paragraph essay about the theme and the literary devices that the author used to reveal the theme. Below is a basic scaffold that students can use and the rubric.

Social Studies

MUN policy statements were delivered in class and operative clauses were chosen and posted.  Next week is the actual MUN debate. Students should be prepared to debate on the first six clauses on session one. All the clauses are posted in Google Classroom to give the students time to research. Below is the rubric for the debate:


Test papers were returned and discussed.  Students went into chemical changes and they had to take notes of the evidence and explanation for the chemical changes.

Below is the plan for next week: Law of Conservation of Mass. Assessment will be on the week of Dec. 11. They will work on an experiment and write a CER. Below is the schedule next week and the last week before the break:


Gr. 8 worked on reflection and rotation. Dec. 8 is the quiz on translation, reflection, and rotation. See last week’s post on these transformations.  When they come back from the break, the lesson will be on dilation and there will be a separate quiz on it.

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