Week of Dec. 4, 2017


Students wrote their essays. Next week is the book club presentations. After the break, students will go into Dystopian stories.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 started their MUN debates and they will continue their debates next week. After the break, they will go into the Power unit – Philippine EDSA Revolution.


Lab demos continued. The last lab on acetic acid and baking soda was a practice test and if they want to do well on Monday, they need to complete it.  Next week is the lab assessment, where students will work with a partner during the experiment and work individually for the CER. The question to be answered is what is the evidence of a chemical change? They will be given an experiment to do and they will be observed and assessed on following directions, measurement, lab techniques, graphing, communication of chemical changes, and using safety practices. Students are reminded to use the third person point of view when writing lab reports.  Some of them are still using “I” in their sentences.

Chemical Change Video


Gr. 8 learned about rotation and took a test on the three transformations. Next week, they will go over the test results and do a reflection. After the break, they will go into dilation and talk about the performance task for this unit.

Dilation video

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