Week of Jan. 8, 2018


Essay on the Sniper short story was reviewed and points for improvement were discussed.  Students were given pointers for re-assessment. The dystopian story was introduced and book club books (to be divided into three chunks) were chosen. Book club chunk 1 is due next week in Google Classroom.

In this unit, Gr. 8 will read the book club book and write an expository essay about it.  They will also write their own dystopian stories and create a propaganda poster about it. Below is the timeline for this quarter:

Next week, students will read “The Lottery“.

Social Studies

Revolution has been discussed and the assignment with the rubric has been given. This task is done in class and is due first block next week. Below is an example of an analogy:

Next week is about the history of the Philippines to give a background of the Philippine EDSA revolution.


Students reviewed chemical changes to commit to long-term memory before moving on to the next unit on Global Warming. Gr. 8 have started to make their own E-columns.


Gr. 8 learned about Dilation. The performance task was given which is due first block of the week of Jan. 22.  The task is strictly done in the classroom and is handwritten. Next week will be spent working on the performance task the whole period.


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