Week of Jan. 15, 2018


Gr. 8 read the story, The Lottery. Next week, they will read “Harrison Bergeron“. The expository essay about their book club book will be like their Sniper essay except that they will write about how the author reveals the theme through the use of dystopian characteristics. Students are expected to continue reading their books and complete chunk 2 next week. The following dystopian characteristics should be committed to memory to help them in writing their essay and story.

Social Studies

Students started the power unit and watched videos about the Philippines.  Metro Manila map was given out and students have to complete this as they learn about the Philippine revolution. Next week, People Power of the Philippines will be introduced and students will watch parts 1 and 2 of the Lakas Sambayanan videos. Here is the video guide.



This week, students built their E-columns. Next week, they will answer how E-column can sustain life. Gr. 8 are expected to observe, write their daily observations in their journals and take photos and videos. At the end of the unit, they are going to turn in their journals and a 5-7 minute video of their e-column observations.


Performance task was done during class time this week. Next week will be about angles.

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