Week of Jan. 22, 2018


Students have started practicing how to write an expository essay on the dystopian stories.  Next week, they will read Harrison Bergeron. After CWW, they will write their expository essay on their book club choice.  The thesis statement should include four things: author, the title of the book, theme, and the dystopian characteristics that the author used to reveal the theme. Here is a scaffold for the essay and here is a sample paragraph.

Social Studies

Students have started learning about the People Power Revolution and have started watching the Lakas Sambayanan videos. Next week, they will watch  Part 3 and Part 4 on Day 1 and add to their maps. Part 5 and 6 on Day 2.  Part 7 on Day 3 and then CEFL.


Gr. 8 closed their e-columns and started writing their quantitative and qualitative observations. The big question to answer in e (earth)-column is: how is the earth as a system able to support life?


Performance tasks were submitted.  Students learned about angles. The plan for next week is to continue with the different kinds of angles (vertical, corresponding, alternate interior,etc.) and then move on to Similar Figures. Tentative Unit 2 Test will be on Feb. 22/23.

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