Week of Jan. 29, 2018


Students read Harrison Bergeron and have continued writing their practice essay. When they come back from CWW, they will discuss the paragraphs that they wrote about Harrison Bergeron and they will start writing their essay about their own book club book. It is important that they determine the topic, theme and the dystopian characteristics that the author used to reveal the theme. The essay is due on Feb 22/23.

Social Studies

Students continued watching the Lakas Sambayanan videos. When they come back from CWW, they will watch the Ninoy and Imelda videos.


Students have continued with their e-column routine: observe, write in their journal, maintenance tasks, and add to their poster.  They have started making a poster, which will serve as their model to explain what is happening to their e-column. When they come back from CWW, they will start working on their performance task, in which they will create a two-minute group video project based on a 40-minute video about the Origin of Life, which is posted in the Week 4 slide in Google Classroom.


Gr. 8 learned about Angle Theories and Similar Triangles. When they come back from CWW, they will learn about Pythagorean theorem.  After that, they will take a practice test and will take the test the following week. Here is a practice test from Ms. Kath.

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