Week of Feb. 12, 2018


The Dystopian Expository Writing Assessment was discussed.  It is due on Thursday/Friday next week and it can only be done in class. The prompt is: Describe how the author of your dystopian book club novel uses dystopian characteristics to reveal a theme within the novel. Here is the scaffold again. Next week, they will work on their essays.

Social Studies

Students finished the Lakas Sambayanan videos, watched the Imelda and Ninoy videos, and updated their maps. there will be a test on the maps and this site is a good one for reviewing. Below is the rubric for the completed map:

Next week, the performance task called Fakebook will be introduced.


Students wrote their observations of their E-column after being away for a week due to CWW. They then summarized the video on the history of the Earth.

Students brainstormed ideas for their group video project. Next week, they will work on their videos performance task in groups. Below is the rubric:


Pythagorean Theorem was the main topic this week and Similar Triangles was reviewed. Next week will be review and test on angles, triangles, and Pythagorean Theorem. Here’s another practice test from Ms. Deveza.

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