Week of Feb. 19, 2018


Gr.8 wrote their essays this week.  They will write their own Dystopian stories next week and these stories are due March 15/16.

Social Studies

Students finished watching the Ninoy video and Fakebook performance task was introduced which is due last class next week March 1/2. This is an example of a _FakeBook . There will be a quiz on the Marcos years and the map of Metro Manila on March 8/9. Here is a quizlet to review the Marcos years and a game to practice identifying the cities on the map. Next week, they will work on their Fakebook and play the CEFL.


This week, students completed their summary flowchart/model of the origins of the earth and started work on the Group Video Project of a specific event in the Geologic time scale. The goal was to complete the research on their chosen topic and begin working on the script. Next week, they will work on their videos, which are on March 1/2.


This week, students learned more about Pythagorean Theorem, took the practice and unit test.  Next week, they will take the MAP test, discuss the test and write reflections, and functions will be introduced.


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