Week of Feb. 26, 2018


Gr. 8 worked on dystopian short story brainstorming.  Next week, they will take the MAP test and work on creative writing techniques to get them started on writing their stories. The stories are due the following week March 15/16. Here is a website of dystopian short stories for inspiration. Characterization and Exposition plans are due on March 5/6.

Social Studies

Students worked on their Fakebook and reviewed for the test, which will be on March 8/9. Instead of the Metro Manila map being graded, students will work on this for their performance task. They will still have a test on the map in which they will be given a blank map and match the 17 cities and municipalities as well as the following landmarks: University of the Philippines, Malacanang, Camp Crame, NAIA, Plaza Miranda, and Fort Bonifacio. Next week will be about political parties.


Gr. 8 worked on their video presentations. Next week, they will present their videos and talk about the E-column and matter and energy.


Students took the MAP test, reviewed their test, and wrote their reflections.  Combining like terms was introduced and will be continued next week.  Students will also review integers.



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