Week of March 12, 2018


Gr. 8 worked on their dystopian stories which are due next week. They will do peer editing and final revisions next week.

Social Studies

Students worked on the political party note cards.  Next week, speeches are due on turnitin by 8 pm on Monday and they will deliver their speech on Wednesday. As well the Marcos Years paragraph is due. Next week will be about the political party speeches.


Students have concluded their video project on the origins of the Earth. This week, they focused on applying their understanding to their own “Earth-columns”. They started with a microscope investigation of a drop of water from their aquatic chambers as they explored the succession of organisms as well as trophic levels. On DAY 2, the focus shifted to energy flow in an ecosystem. They reviewed concepts on energy transformation and designed an investigation to answer this question, “What happens to the amount of energy as it is transferred from one form to another?”

Next week, they will review potential and kinetic energy and discuss transformations of energy in their earth column.  CER needs to be reviewed in preparation for their assessment after the spring break.


Gr. 8 continued to learn about combining like terms and distributive property. Next week will be about solving one step and multi-step equations. Practice test and quiz will be after Spring break.