Week of March 19, 2017


Students did peer reviews and submitted their stories.  When they come back from the break, they will work on propaganda before going into AFC.

Social Studies

Students delivered their political party speeches. After spring break, students will go into AFC.  Note cards will be introduced and videos will be shown to help the students choose from the following topics: climate change, contemporary slavery, gender inequality, infectious diseases, migration, non-renewable energy sources, poverty and hunger, and water.  Students will not be required to come up with a research question until they have had a week of global overview research. Here is a slideshow presentation that I showed in SI  to help the students begin to think about the topic that interests them.


Students worked on energy transformations using the pendulum lab.  When they come back from the break they will finish testing their hypothesis and on session 3 they will have Assessment #2 which will include a question relating/applying the Law of Conservation of Energy to the E-column. Students should review how to do CER.


Gr. 8 continued to work on expressions and equations.  After spring break, they will have the quiz on expression and equations second session of that week.

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