Week of April 2, 2018


Students have started working on Propaganda, and the poster with printed paragraphs are due last block of next week. AFC will begin next week with the expectation that students will write a letter to an influential person or organization about their topic (with emphasis on global overview and causes).

Social Studies

Gr. 8 chose their topics for AFC and have been introduced to the note cards which are posted in the Google Classroom. Note cards are due on Fridays at 8 pm: Global Overview – April 20; Causes – April 27; and Tried Solutions – May 11. Next week, CRAAP test and paraphrasing will be reviewed as students continue their research.


Gr. 8 collected and organized data on the Pendulum lab investigation. Then, they wrote their explanations using the CER framework – write a Claim and write the Evidence with the scientific Reason behind the evidence. The assessment was moved to first block of next week due to lack of time.  Then they will work on Cycling of Matter. The assessment will be about the following questions:

  • How does energy flow in an ecosystem?
  • How does energy flow in your E-column?
  • What happens to the amount of energy as it gets transferred from one form to another? (conserved)
  • What energy transformations take place when a pendulum swings?

Review notes have been posted in Google Classroom. Below are the key ideas for the assessment:


Students took the quiz on expressions and equations and have started the lesson on slopes.  Next week will be about functions and equations. Students should go on Khan Academy for the step by step lessons.


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