Week of April 9, 2018

English and Social Studies

Students have finished their propaganda posters and paragraphs in English.  Next week, Gr. 8 will continue their research about their AFC topics in both English and Social Studies.  In Social Studies, they will talk about creating a research question. Thirteen global overview note cards are due next Friday, April 20 before 8 pm in Google Classroom. In English, students are expected to write a letter about the global overview and causes of their topic. In Social Studies, they will give an oral presentation on the tried solutions.


Gr. 8 have finished their assessment and have started to discuss how matter is cycled in an ecosystem and in their earth column. There will be an assessment on this on the week of April 23. Next week will be a continuation of the cycling of matter. Below is a video that students can watch starting at 7:25.

Below is another video on the cycling of matter in an ecosystem:


Slope was the topic this week. Next week is about linear functions.  There will be a test on April 26/27.


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