Week of April 16, 2018

English and Social Studies

Students continued their research. Four causes note cards are due next Friday before 8 pm. English will still require a letter to a leader, but with a focus only on the global overview of the problem. Social Studies will now require an essay on the causes and tried solutions.


This week, students explored the question, “How is matter cycled within the ecosystem?”. They looked into the water and carbon cycles and applied their understanding of these cycles to the E-column. Next week is the assessment on the E-column on the second block.  Journal is due third block and will be graded for communication. Knowledge and Understanding will be in a form of a quiz. The Transfer will be a question like “Create a model of how matter is cycled in your E-column.”


Students continued learning about functions and distance-time graphs. Next week is a continuation of the distance-time word problems then practice test and actual test on Functions and Equations. After that will be a performance task of their own “Who Stole the Donut”?  Then the last unit is on statistics after which the students will work on AFC.

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