Week of April 23, 2018

English and Social Studies

AFC letter assignment sheet was introduced in English and they are due on May 10/11. Students have continued their research this time with a focus on causes.  Four note cards are due this Friday before 8 pm. Students have to make sure that the causes have solutions. Next week, they will work on the Tried Solutions, which are due on May 11 at 8 pm.


This week, Gr. 8 culminated their discussion on the Unit: Interdependence in Ecosystems. They had the final observation on the E-column and prepared for the assessment scheduled day 2 of this week.  E-column journal is due this Friday.  Here is the rubric for the journal. Students have to make sure that they have both quantitative and qualitative data in their journal. Day 3 was a transition activity in preparation for the science component of AFC which takes place after the long weekend. Students did the Who Dirtied the Water activity and talked about whose responsibility it is to clean the water.  When they come back from the long weekend, they will design an experiment to clean up the water and the final challenge is to drink it.


Gr. 8 took the test on Functions. Next week will be about the performance task, Who Stole the Donut posted last week. The performance task is due end of class on May 7/8.

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