Week of May 7, 2018

English, Social Studies, and Science

Students continued working on their AFC research.  English is focused on the letter; Social Studies is on the causes and tried solutions; while Science is on investigation, engineering, and model for their macro or micro solution. They have to choose the path on how they will show their solution. Their Inquiry Lab Design/Design Plan/Draft Model is due day 3 next week May 17/18.

Gr. 8 have to write a research paper on the causes and tried solution due to Turnitin by 8 pm on Friday, May 18 for their grade in Social Studies AFC.

Below are the presentation options on AFC Day, May 31.  Wild Card has to be approved by their AFC mentor.


Students worked on their performance tasks.  Next week will be about Data Analysis.  There will be a test on this and then time will be spent on AFC.

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