Week of Aug. 6, 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope that you all had a restful summer break and that you are ready for school year 2018-2019!

Ms. Kathryn Deveza  (Teacher Assistant)  and I are here to help support your child throughout the year in their core classes (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science). We work closely with all of the Gr. 8 teachers to advocate for your child’s needs.  We accomplish this by co-teaching in the core classrooms every day.  Great pride is taken in finding the right balance in supporting their needs while challenging them academically on their level.

I will be using this blog to communicate with you, so please bookmark this site.  This is updated on Friday afternoons.  You will find a short overview of what has been happening along with a look at what is coming up in each core curriculum class.  I will also post resources that are helpful for that week. I wish to particularly invite you to look at the Homework calendar often as all the assignments in the core subjects will be posted there on the day that they are due. Many parents find this very helpful when their child comes home and says, “I don’t have any homework” every night. Planners were distributed to your children. It is very important for you to check the planners every day as that will communicate to your child the importance of school work and of being organized.

Many students take the Strategies Instruction class (SI) to help support learning and develop skills. In SI we take the time to help with organization, learning strategies, skills development, and task-specific instruction. We do not use class time to complete homework. The class time is fully dedicated to improving and learning additional skills.

I look forward to meeting you all during the Open House on August 29, 2018.

I will be setting up goal meetings with you and your child soon. In the meantime, please feel free to schedule a meeting with me using this link if you have pressing concerns.  I always look forward to meeting with parents because they are the experts on their child.


Mrs. San Agustin

The students started the year by having seminar workshops to start the year right.  The regular schedule did not start until Thursday third block.  As such, the teams have not yet had a chance to meet, but what follows is a snapshot of what is going to happen next week.


The first unit is about Systems of Storytelling.  Grade 8 will learn about realistic fiction, theme, literature, analysis, and literary devices. Students will choose a book for their Book Club.

Social Studies

Quarter one is about Bringing the World Together. Next week, students will explore the question of why countries go to war and what causes international conflict.  Students are expected to reflect on a question that will be posted in the classroom and they will write in their journal notebook after each class.  This journal will be assessed two times per semester.


Unit one is about the Nature of Science and the students started the investigation of the “Thirsty Candle”. Some vocabulary words for this unit are:

Phenomenon, Observation, Constant Variables, Independent Variable, Dependent Variable, Qualitative Data, Quantitative Data, Hypothesis, CER, Model

Next week, students will modify the investigation.


The first unit will be about Fractions, Decimals, and Rational Numbers.

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