Week of Aug. 27, 2018


Gr. 8 read the story, “Just Lather” and analyzed it using literary devices. Topic (word or phrase) versus theme (statement) was also discussed. Next week, they will start their Book Club and they will develop the thesis of “Just Lather” which answers the question of how the literary devices reveal the theme of a story. The following week, September 10, they will have a reading assessment where they will read a story and analyze how the literary devices reveal the theme. In October before CWW, they will have a writing assessment in which they will write an essay about how literary devices in their book club book reveal the theme.

Below is the big question in English:

Social Studies

Students analyzed WWI propaganda posters and read war poems.  Next week, they will learn about how people coped with the war. Then the question of whether it’s moral to use chemical weapons during a war will be discussed.


Students worked on their e-columns, which will be a year-long group investigation.  Next week they will continue building it and then they will look at Physical Changes. Assessments are coming up on the week of September 24 (physical changes) and October 15 (lab practical).


Ms. DeLuigi’s class worked on converting terminating and repeating decimals to fractions.  Next week will be a continuation of rational and irrational numbers. Mr. Cargile’s class continued to work on basic skills using real-life word problems and Big 4 (mixed problems involving fractions and decimals). Next week will be a continuation of these problems.

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