Week of Sept. 3, 2018


Students learned more about literary devices and how they create an effect on the reader in the stories, “Just Lather” and “The Gift of the Magi”.  They also discussed how to do 54321 in their book clubs.  Below is an example of how they will write 54321 at the back of their notebook for their book club: (They are expected to do this for each chunk of their book for a total of four entries.)

Next week will be a reading assessment and here is the study guide.  Below is the schedule for the coming weeks:

Social Studies

Gr. 8 learned about how the soldiers coped with WWI and they came up with rap songs on what they have learned about WW1. They also discussed how animals were used during the war. Next week will be about chemical weapons and life in the trenches.  The assessment will also be introduced on the 3rd session which will be due on the 2nd session the following week (Sept. 18/19). They will choose a poster or a poem and write a first-person narrative about it.  Below are examples:


Students finished building their e-column and answered the following questions in their notebook:

  1. What is the earth made of?
  2. What does the e-column need for organisms to survive?
  3. What physical and chemical processes can be seen in the e-column?


Next week will be about Physical Changes stations.  They will explore vaporization (evaporation and boiling), melting, and freezing.


Ms. DeLuigi’s class continued to learn about rational and irrational numbers.  Mr. Cargile continued their basic math review through real-life word problems involving fractions, decimals, and ratio and proportion. This lesson will continue this month. Next week will be about estimation, practice test, exponent, and scientific numbers in Ms. D’s class.

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