Week of Sept. 10, 2018


Gr. 8 took the test on the literary device.  Next week, they will talk about how to write an essay in preparation for the essay test on October 1.  The essay is about the theme of their book club book and how the author used the literary devices to deliver the theme.

Social Studies

Students learned about militarism and the use of poison gas in WWI.  The assessment was posted in Google Classroom, which is due first block of next week before 8 pm.  They are to analyze a propaganda poem or a poster and write a narrative response using the first-person point of view based on a perspective of their own choice (ex: soldier, wife, mother, child etc).  They will upload this on one slide using Trebuchet MS size 11 as the font. In the first paragraph, they must explain the message of the poster or the poem. In the second paragraph, they must explain how truthful the message of the poster or the poem is for them personally, based on their experience of the war, either in the trenches or back home. Below is the rubric:

Next week will be about discipline and morality issues during WWI.


E-columns were finished and students have started to monitor the closed system.  They have also started the physical changes stations, which will culminate with the making of ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Next week, they will continue working on the stations. Coming up is a test on physical changes after CWW.


Ms, DeLuigi’s class had the quiz on real numbers.  Next week will be a continuation of exponents.

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