Week of Sept. 17, 2018


Gr. 8 discussed how to write an essay using the prompt “How does the author use literary devices to develop the theme?” Here is a sample essay and below are the parts of the essay. For every literary device, they need to have a paragraph about it.  

Examples of transition words/phrases to use between FREDS and Say More:

Next week, the focus will be on using quotes in an essay and planning Introduction and Conclusion. As well, sentence types will be reviewed to encourage the students to use a variety of sentences.

Social Studies

This week, students learned about the breakdown of discipline during WWI and how the military dealt with them. They then discussed morality issues, how the war ended, and the Treaty of Versailles.

Next week will be about the failure of the  League of Nations, diplomacy, repercussions of the war and preparation for the assessment (war diary or letter during WWI) happening the week of October 1 before CWW.


This week, Gr. 8 finished exploring the five stations on physical changes. Next week, Day 3, is an open notes assessment on the physical changes station. Some classes will also work on station 6 on melting. The students are expected to have CER of the five stations as they will use that for the assessment. Notebooks will be collected for grading after the test,


Ms. DeLuigi’s class had the test and lesson on scientific notation.  Next week is more of scientific notation and exponents.

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