Week of Sept. 24, 2018


Gr. 8 continued to review how to write an essay and practiced writing one. They will start writing their essay on their book club book on Monday next week and they will continue writing for two more sessions after CWW.  Here’s a presentation for review and here is the rubric.

Social Studies

Students continued to learn about the failure of the League of Nations.  Next week, they will have another assessment on WWI, in which they will write a diary entry or a letter to an audience (soldier, themselves, wife, etc) of their own choice. They have to write a one-page letter or diary entry about their feelings from a chosen point of view (soldier, mother, husband, etc) about the moral acceptability of ONE issue connected to the conflict. Examples are military punishment; use of chemical weapons; use of animals; unrestricted submarine warfare; attacks on a foreign country; trench warfare; and the killing of civilians. All the instructions and resources are in Google Classroom. They will have one class period to complete the assessment next class.

Below is the rubric:

An example follows:

The first paragraph is defining the issue and the second paragraph is their moral stance on the issue.


Students reviewed the physical changes in the five stations and they had a test on the modeling of their reasoning.  Next week, they will then continue to have lab investigation on melting and freezing. Afterward, there will be another test on physical changes focusing on the concepts and CER.


Mr. Cargile’s class will look into rational and irrational numbers next week.  Ms. DeLuigi’s class will go into exponents.

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