Week of October 8, 2018


Students finished and celebrated their essays.  Next week is about narrative writing as they read and eventually write their own memoirs after the break.  They will also get their Book Club book by the end of next week and start reading.

Social Studies

This week, students discussed WWII and they have started reading the United Nations packet posted in Google Classroom.  They had to annotate the packet up to page 13 this week:

  1. Define an unknown word
  2. Ask a question
  3. Make a connection
  4. Selective highlighting

Gr. 8 has a video assessment due next week, October 18 at 8 pm.  They have to record a minimum of 5 minutes video of themselves acting as a professor comparing and contrasting WWI and WWII using the acronym MAIN. The assignment, rubric, and sample video is in Google Classroom.  Below is the rubric:


Students investigated freezing using dry ice, water, and salt water.  Next week on Day 3, they will have an assessment on the physical changes. They are expected to know about the physical changes stations and they have to create and analyze a graph based on a given data using Google Sheets. Review slides will be posted this weekend. They will also make ice cream.


Ms. DeLuigi’s class worked on scientific notation.  Next week is a unit test on the number system and equations. Here is a practice test. Mr. Cargile continued to work on the big four skills.  Next week, they will go into one step equations and decimal to fractions (irrational). Students are expected to work on Khan Academy as posted in their Google Classroom.

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