Week of October 15, 2018


The memoir was the topic this week and students thought of memorable moments in their lives. One of those small moments written in their notebook will be turned into a memoir after the break. Students also checked out their book club book. For this unit, 54321 for the Book Club looks different:

Below is an example of how to do this in their English notebook:

Next week will be about using DADI (Dialogues, Actions, Descriptions, Introspection) to reveal STEAL (Speech, Thoughts, Effect on others, Actions, Looks) in order to show character change in their memoirs. Book Club meeting will also begin and students should be ready with their notes.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 continued annotating the UN packet and they will finish the 23-page document next week. They will also begin talking about the MUN debate to be continued after the break.


Students had the much-awaited ice cream using liquid nitrogen and learned the science behind it. They also took the second part of the assessment on physical changes.

Next week is about Chemical Change.


Ms. DeLuigi’s class finished their assessment and next week is about the performance task. Mr. Cargile’s class learned about one step equations leading up to irrational numbers. Next week is on estimating irrational numbers.

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