Week of Oct. 22, 2018


Students learned about recognizing STEAL in indirect characterization and they had their first book club meeting.  After the break, they will continue learning narrative techniques and they will start writing their memoirs.  Also, they will have Book Club Meeting #2.  Book Clubs this quarter will be graded.

Social Studies

Students have finished the UN document.  They are expected to annotate (ask a question; define an unknown word; write a connection; selective highlighting) the 23 pages if they have not yet done so.  Assessment on this will be on Day 3 immediately after the break. The full UN document is in Google Classroom. Gr.8 have also started discussing the MUN packet.  They will have a mock MUN conference (Paris Peace Conference), which is not graded before the real debate. Their assigned countries for the real debate will be determined after the break. The topic (Nuclear Proliferation, LGBTQIA, or Capital Punishment) for the debate has been chosen by the class.


Gr. 8 assessed their own learning habits and came up with a generalization about physical changes.  The phenomenon for chemical changes has been launched. After the break, chemical changes will continue to be explored.


Mr. Cargile’s class learned about converting repeated decimals to fractions. After the break, they will continue with approximating irrational numbers, then they will review for their first assessment.  After the break, Ms. DeLuigi’s class will work on the infographic performance task and then will go into Geometry.

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