Week of Nov. 5, 2018


Gr. 8 watched a video on the memoir, added more ideas for their memoir ideas in their Happiness Grid, and started planning for their own memoir. Next week will be mini-lessons on verb tenses, how to show character change through direct or indirect characterization (STEAL), and how to start a narrative as they continue to write their memoirs. Memoirs are written in class and the first draft is due on Nov. 20/21.  The final draft is due on December 10/11.

Social Studies

Students prepared for the Mock MUN and took the UN assessment. Next week will be the mock MUN which is not graded. Students have to take note of the parliamentary procedures:


Students had lab demos on chemical changes. They were expected to take notes on the signs of a chemical reaction:

Color changenew substances might reflect different colors of light. Change in color because when a new substance is formed the new substance reflects light in a different way
Energy changethe container may get hotter or colder or release energy in the form of light.
Gas producedbubbles or vapor may be observed.
Precipitate formed – an insoluble solid might form in a liquid.

Next week will be a continuation of chemical changes.


Next week, Mr. Cargile’s class will have a quiz on rational and irrational numbers. Here is a practice test from Ms. Deveza. Ms. Deluigi’s class finished the performance task.  Next week will be on Geometry: Transformations.

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