Week of Nov. 12, 2018


Students reviewed the past tense because memoirs need to be written in past tense. Techniques for beginning a memoir were also discussed.  Next week will be mini-lessons on introspection, MLA format, and titles. The first draft of the memoir is due on Nov. 20/21 and this is the rubric.  Students will also be given time to work on their book club presentation, which will be on Dec. 3/4.

Social Studies

Students did the mock MUN conference. Next week, they will learn about their assigned country and start their research for the real MUN, which will take place in December. Two weeks will be allotted to research.


Gr. 8 did more lab demos on chemical change.  There will be an assessment on this through a lab practical (students in pairs will conduct an experiment) and individually written CER on Nov. 26/27.  Transfer of Learning assessment will be on Nov. 28/29 about the Law of Conservation of Mass. Next week, students will do mini lab demos on chemical change and design their own lab experiment to prove the Law of Conservation of Mass to prepare for the assessment.


This week, Ms. DeLuigi’s class started to work on transformations and will continue next week. Mr. Cargile’s class finished their assessment and will work on exponents next week.

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