Week of Nov. 26, 2018


Students were given time to work on their book club presentation and memoirs.  Next week, they will have the presentations and peer editing of their memoirs.  Then, the final draft of the memoir will be submitted.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 continued their research for the MUN.  The next two weeks will be the MUN conference.  Students are reminded that they have to print their work as they won’t have access to their devices during the entire conference. Printed Policy Statement and two Operative Clauses are due on Monday.

Below is the rubric for the policy statement:

Below is the rubric for the debate:


Students worked on chemical labs to practice for the two-part assessment which will take place next week.  Students must practice safety lab procedures; create graphs; write CER for the chemical changes; and explain the Law of Conservation of Mass as well as think of a real-world example of the law.


This week, students continued to work on transformations (De Luigi) and scientific notation (Cargile).  Next week, Cargile’s class will have a unit test on the number system, exponents, and scientific notation.  Here’s a practice test from Ms. Deveza.  Next week, De Luigi’s class will finish the transformations and will have a test on all four kinds of transformations. Click on this to see the practice test from Ms. Deveza.

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