Week of Jan. 7, 2019


Gr. 8 talked about the characteristics of a dystopian society:

Next week, short stories will be read in class and analyzed as to why they are examples of dystopian stories in preparation for an assessment the following week.

54321 for the book club for this quarter:

An example follows:

Social Studies

Students discussed what constitutes good leadership. This quarter, students are expected to watch videos for homework instead of watching CNN10.  Lakas Sambayanan videos are in Google Classroom and here is a video guide sheet.

Next week, students will continue to explore the themes of Martial Law, human rights and freedom of the press in more detail.


Day 1 was a wrap up of food and chemical reactions. 

Day 2 and 3 was a discussion of the origins of the earth. Students are expected to create a video in groups about a stage in the history of the earth.

Next week, they will finish watching the video and will work on their own videos.


DeLuigi’s class finished dilations this week.  Performance task was introduced and next week, they will work and finish it.  It is due on Jan. 18, Friday. Cargile’s class started working on expressions and equations. Next week they will continue with combining like terms and solving equations.

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