Week of Jan. 14, 2019


Students continued to discuss “The Lottery” and then they read “Harrison Bergeron”. Next week students will write with a partner about how the theme was developed in the story. On Day 2, there will be an assessment. Students are to read a story, annotate for examples of dystopian characteristics, choose the theme, and write how the theme was developed using literary devices and dystopian characteristics. Below is an example of a paragraph for the story, “The Lottery”:

Social Studies

Students continued to watch videos and discuss leadership, democracy, and threats to democracy. Next week, they will go into how corruption brings power and breeds loyalty.


Gr. 8 finished watching the video on the history of the earth and have started to work in groups to come up with a video on a selected history of the earth. Next week, they will continue working on their videos.


Mr. Cargile’s class worked on combining like terms and solving equations. Next week will be more of solving for x equations. Ms. DeLuigi’s class worked on their performance task. Next week, they will be working on missing angles of triangles and missing angles on a straight line. If there is time, they will go into equilateral and isosceles triangles.

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