Week of Jan. 21, 2019


Students took an assessment on dystopian characteristics after practicing with a partner. Next week they will go into Socratic Seminar in which they will read a text and discuss it in a formal manner. Students have to listen closely to the comments of others, think critically, and respond to the comments.

Social Studies

Students continued watching videos and reading articles on power and corruption. Next week is about EDSA People Power as students discuss to what extent citizens have the right to overthrow corrupt governments. Students are expected to watch Lakas Sambayanan Videos 8-9 for homework.


Students continued working in groups to research on their Geological Timescale Video Project which is due on Feb. 1, Friday. Sample videos were shown to give the students some ideas. Next week, they will start and finish their recording. Below is the rubric:


Mr. Cargile’s class continued to work on multi-step equations. Next week, they will have a practice test and actual test once they have mastered the multi-step equations. Ms. DeLuigi’s class worked on triangles this week and will work on angle theory next week.

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