Week of Feb. 6, 2019


Students read news headlines to give them ideas for their dystopian stories. When they come back from CWW, they will read two new articles for the socratic seminar and will have the graded seminar on day 3. They will also continue to brainstorm for story ideas and will have mini lessons on plot development to help them with their own stories.

Social Studies

Grade 8 continued learning about the Filipino experience of people power. After CWW, they will review the past generalizations and will have an assessment regarding the concept of power and revolution after the holidays.


Students finished their videos and watched all the other videos. After CWW, they will revisit their e-columns and talk about interdependence, e-column journal, and the design thinking process as they decide whether to rebuild or modify their e-columns.


Mr. Cargile’s class took the test on expressions and equations. After CWW, they will work on fractions and ratio and proportion before going into functions and equations. Ms. DeLuigi’s class worked on similar triangles and will go into similar figures and Pythagorean theorem after CWW.

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