Week of Feb.18, 2019


Students continued to brainstorm ideas for their dystopian stories. They then finished their Socratic seminar. After the break, they will write their dystopian stories which will be due last week of March or first week of April.

Socratic Seminar

Social Studies

Gr. 8 read articles and watched videos on the Marcos presidency and People Power. After the break, they will have a 40-minute assessment: multiple choice and short essay format on Day 2.


Students finished watching their videos and created their generalisations.

They also revisited their e-columns. After the break, they will look at the Earth as a system by modifying their e-columns and discussing open/closed system and biotic/abiotic components.


Mr. Cargile’s class worked on linear equations with fractions and decimals and after the break, they will start the unit on functions.

Ms. DeLuigi’s class worked on similar triangles and after the break, they will work on Pythagorean theorem and will have a test.

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