Week of March 4, 2019


Grade 8 students worked on planning their dystopian stories by working on the plot and characterization. Once they had their plan completed and approved, they began writing their stories. The stories are due on April 1/2.

Social Studies

Students took the assessment for the People Power unit and were introduced to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) website from which they will choose their topic for Advocating for Change (AFC) project for the fourth quarter. On Day 3 another assessment was introduced for this unit which is due on the week of March 18. They will pick any generalization and research about the Philippines and another country in any historical time of their choice. They can present their research using a 3-minute video or podcast, one-page feature article or essay, or wildcard and submit to turnitin. This research project mimics the AFC project so this is good preparation for their final project.


Students revisited their e-columns and looked for signs of life. They then wrote the key concepts in their notebook and decided on how they can improve their e-columns. Next week they will go into Energy.


Both classes took the MAP test. Cargile’s class also took the placement test for next year and will go into Functions and Equations next week. Deluigi’s class discussed Pythagorean Theorem and will take a test and go into Functions and Equations next week.

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