Week of March 11, 2019


Grade 8 have started writing their stories. Stories with propaganda posters are due on April 1/2. Next week, there will be mini lessons on paragraph, dialogue, and propaganda.

Social Studies

Students have started working on their research project which is due on March 18/19. Next week, they will present their research projects to their classmates and get feedback. They will then be given a chance to edit their work based on the feedback and turn in the texts to Turnitin by 8 pm of March 24, Sunday.


E-columns were modified and students began writing their observations in their journal. They then discussed what a system is. Next week, they will talk about how energy is transferred in their e-column which leads them to the energy unit. Below is a good video on this topic.


Cargile’s class have started with Functions and will continue next week. DeLuigi’s class had a test and will go over the results next week. Also they will go into combining like terms, distributive property, and solving one-step equations.

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