March 25, 2019


Grade 8 continued having mini-lessons and applying the lessons in their dystopian story. Their stories and posters are due end of class on April 1/2. They will do peer editing next week and celebrate their finished work by posting in their ePortfolio in time for the student-led conference on April 4.

Social Studies

Students worked on the concept of advocacy and change as an introduction to the Advocating for Change (AFC) project. Next week, SDG’s of the UN will be explored further and the students will be guided in coming up with their research question for the AFC.


Gr. 8 learned about energy and its transformations, and how it flows in the e column. Then they designed a pendulum lab to answer the question of what happens to energy as it is transformed from one form to another.

Next week, students will finish their pendulum lab and will take the assessment on energy.


Functions and equations continued to be the lesson this week and will continue until the following week. DeLuigi’s class will work on solving equations with variables on both sides and take the practice quiz. The actual quiz will be on April 8.

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