May 6, 2019


Students have finished writing their letters in English. They will work on writing their speeches next week. Below is their homework to prepare for their speech:

For those who want to work ahead, the scaffolds for their speech is posted in Google Classroom.

Social Studies

Students researched Tried Solutions. Next week, students will start working on their own solutions. For those who want to work ahead, the scaffolds for the research paper is posted in Google Classroom.


Gr. 8 have started working on how to use Science in presenting their solutions. Below are the options for presenting their work in Science: model of the problem/solution, design and engineering, or scientific investigation.

For those having a difficult time formulating the Science Research Question, below are some guiding questions.

Below is the AFC Calendar again with the deadlines.


Students learned about statistics, which would help them in their AFC research. Next week, they will continue the lessons on interpreting and presenting data.

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